Episode #85: Detoxification – Why It’s Essential (And Why Our DNA Matters)

This is the second part of an in-depth interview I had with Gay Riley, a functional medicine nutritionist who focuses on environmental toxicity.

Gay and I have so much in common in relation to how we coach our clients toward health in their whole body, and in this part we focused on the genetic predispositions that can impact how our body detoxifies.

Gay and I talk about:

  • Time-restricted eating and its benefits for detoxification
  • Thinking about where you exercise
  • The importance of your history to your wellness today
  • The effect childhood antibiotics can still be having today
  • Genomics and how they impact how individuals detoxify
  • The different approaches Gay takes depending on what she learns about someone’s genetics
  • Why the diet culture’s focus on just losing pounds is the wrong approach
  • Learning about all the different products we put on our skin
  • The impact endocrine disruptors can have on our mental wellness
  • The fact that small changes can have a big impact on our world
  • Why fast weight loss can lead to fast detoxification that makes you feel bad
  • The importance of prevention over dealing with the consequences of a health condition
  • Where Gay would start if she had to make one change in her environment today

To learn more about Gay, check out her website.

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