Episode #87: The ‘Hidden’ Ingredients In Skincare

Today is the second part of my interview with Eric Malka. We talked in detail about the ingredients he uses in his personal care products and why he and his wife, who formulates them, choose them.

We also discussed the dangers of unregulated industries and some more about the hidden ingredients in big brand products.

Eric and I talk about:

  • Some of the dirty secrets in the skin care industry
  • The risks and benefits of a non-regulated industry
  • The permeability of our skin, hair, and other body parts
  • Deodorants, their function, and how we can reduce cancer risks
  • The preservatives that are essential to skin care products and the types that are used 
  • Why fragrance is the worst thing for your body and what hides behind that label
  • The benefits of essential oils
  • Eric’s goal of transparency and the right for every consumer to know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies
  • Why Eric and his wife use a ’deconstructed’ skincare approach
  • Why he believes everyone should use a nasal wash at night

To learn more about Eric and his products, check out his website.

To read a transcript, click here.

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