Episode #89: Biohacking or Bio-balance?

I just love talking with Amanda Archibald all things genetics and nutrition! In part 2 of our conversation, we delve into exactly how food supports our body, what a genomic test can tell us about our health, and the importance of bioactives.

If you want to understand exactly how our bodies use food and how our genetics influence that, then this episode is a must-listen!

Amanda and I talk about:

  • Why a diagnosis and a test isn’t always the way to help us find the answers we need
  • The importance of understanding our own personal ‘wire diagram’ of how we’re built, and what’s happening inside our body
  • Taking the guesswork out of diagnoses with functional testing
  • How genes affect our health and wellness
  • The traffic light system of understanding what a genomic test tells us
  • Why your dna is like a heat map of potential problem areas in your body
  • Why we don’t use a calories in/calories out model to weight loss
  • The importance of bioactives and exactly what they do in our bodies
  • How bioactives can impact our potential to get cancer
  • Why real food is always better than a supplement
  • The communication that happens between our gut and our brain
  • How supplements can mask what’s actually going on in our body

To learn more about Amanda, check out her website.

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