Episode #90: Rebel Rewind – Making Changes In Your Health And Lifestyle Is Not Just About Willpower: Why Boundaries Matter

As we head into 2023, I thought it was worth doing a Rebel Rewind of one of my favorite episodes – number 28 – with Nancy Lewin on boundaries. Nancy is a life coach and best-selling author of many books, including Setting Boundaries Will Set you Free.

There were so many amazing topics we touched upon and I am sure we could have talked for hours.  We covered important topics such as setting and understanding boundaries and why having them are crucial to our emotional health and wellbeing. 

We talked about change being a process and understanding how the stories we are told when we are young affect our efforts at weight loss as adults.  

It is so important to understand that success isn’t about deprivation or starvation and it’s not about will power or discipline.  Nancy is full of insight and wisdom and the information she shares is exactly what we all need in our lives.

I know many of you are reinventing or recommitting to your health and wellness journey this January. I think you’ll find some powerful insights in this one as you make plans!

We talked about:

  • The importance of setting boundaries when making changes in your life (1:22)
  • Why we need to balance our needs against those of others (3:58)
  • Is it selfish or is it self-care? (8:00)
  • The impact of self-sabotage on making changes to your health (9:50)
  • The messages we hear about our worth (17:12)
  • Boundaries and nutrition don’t have to be restrictive (21:03)
  • Why we don’t need permission to make our own choices (23:08)

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