Episode #91: Colorful Food To Heal Your Whole Body

Today It was my sheer pleasure to have Dr. Deanna Minich on my podcast.

Deanna is a true pioneer in the world of functional medicine and functional nutrition 

As a fellow “disruptor” Deanna has been talking about food as a way to heal the body and heal the mind and the spirit.

Take a listen if you want to hear about how Deanna wants to dismantle the idea of the food pyramid and expand our views about nutrition and wellbeing.

In this part 1 of our interview, we delve into the problem with the food pyramid, why personalization is key, and the value of community.


Deanna and I talk about:

  • Balancing science and spirituality
  • The importance of looking at the whole self
  • Why Deanna considers lifestyle when looking at nutrition
  • Creating a bridge between Western and functional medicine
  • How functional medicine brings ancient medicine into the 21st century
  • The need for connection in ourselves and with others
  • How illness forces us to slow down and examine our lives
  • Why so many functional practitioners have had their own health crises
  • Dismantling the food pyramid
  • Why context is key

To learn more about Deanna, check out her website.

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