Episode #92: Nourish Your Whole Self

This is the second part of my discussion with Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, CNS. She’s a nutrition scientist, teacher, and author with over 20 years’ experience in academia and the food and dietary supplement industries. She talked to me  about how the color of food impacts our health, and the importance of nourishing your whole self.

She broke down the details for each color and type of food, and it was fascinating to learn more about her ‘food and spirit operating system.’


Deanna and I talk about:

  • The energy of food and how that’s translated into color
  • What Deanna calls the food and spirit operating system
  • What each color relates to in terms of food and health issues in the body
  • How we’ve lost the art of cooking and how to find joy in it again
  • The need for more rituals in our life, especially around food
  • Deanna’s card deck, Nourish Your Whole Self
  • How Deanna sees eating as an act of unification and connection
  • Her 3 principles of color, creativity, and variety

To learn more about Deanna, check out her website.

To read a transcript, click here.

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