Episode #93: Genetic Testing – Making Sense Of The Science

What a fascinating conversation I had today with Amanda Schuh, one of our health coaches and Wellness Coordinator at Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness.

You see, she just completed her genetic testing and after she reviewed it with me she was amazed at what she had learned. 

In today’s podcast, you will get to hear all about her journey and how this testing has answered so many of the questions she has had about her own health.

If you are wondering what genetic testing can tell you about your own health, take a listen.

Find out how you can empower yourself to achieve optimal wellness through this testing.

Learn why you should not be afraid to know what your DNA can tell you about yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised to know how much control you have over your health and wellbeing.

Amanda and I talk about:

  • Why Amanda chose to have a genetic test done
  • The results we found and how the report helped her connect the dots on some of her recurring health issues
  • Which genes have a high impact of affecting Amanda’s health and the implications of that
  • How our mood and behavior can be impacted by the way our body detoxifies
  • The 4 big issues that need to be balanced for our body to be healthy
  • My suggestions to redress Amanda’s issues
  • The fact that genetics only impact 10 – 30% of our health, and what we can do to mitigate those predispositions
  • The 2 levels of detoxification and why you don’t want to force the process
  • Why consistency is key to a healthy, balanced body
  • How your genes can affect how your body holds onto weight
  • Why we need to dig deeper than a quick genetic test that is designed to sell supplements
  • The different tests we do to understand what is actually happening in the body
  • Why I believe in a personalized supplement formulation
  • How quickly supplements can take effect

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