Episode #9: A Holistic Approach to Fitness

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Today  I sat down with Matt Pack, owner of Primal Fit Miami to talk about what he considers to be holistic fitness and why it has proven so successful for his clients.  

Matt has had a successful career in the fitness industry and his truly holistic approach to overall fitness, wellness and health makes him truly unique in this competitive field. 

I just loved Matt’s refreshing take on what it takes to truly see change in our bodies and through our engaging conversation he also dispels the many myths we hear when it comes to exercise.

Equally as refreshing was to hear his philosophy on nutrition and how we seem to preach to the same choir.

Keep it simple, and consistent. Something we talk about daily with our clients at the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition.

In this episode: 

  • Matt talks about the myth that cardio is more important than weight training and what impact that causes to those focused solely on cardio (5:07)
  • We consider why nutrition is a key aspect of any form of fitness program (12:50)
  • I talk about the importance of a genetic assessment and the range of other issues that impact your fitness (14:30)
  • Matt explains the importance of movement over exercise (15:45)
  • Matt explains why prevention is always key, and considers the importance of real, not processed, food (21:40)
  • Matt and I delve into why your ‘why’ is key to committing to getting healthy (30:35)
  • Matt explains his ‘success leaves clues’ philosophy for optimizing your health journey (34:49)

You can find more information about Matt and PRIMAL FIT Miami here

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