Episode #11: Post-COVID – The Rise of Anxiety and Social Isolation

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If you haven’t met Emily DaCosta, she’s one of the newest members of our team at the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness. She is a recent graduate and registered dietician, and an amazing addition to what we do here.

Emily and I sat down and chatted about how our world has changed after the pandemic and what our reality looks like now, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Anxiety and social isolation can have a huge impact on weight and also overall health. There are lots of myths out there about how to lose weight, and one of the biggest frustrations for both of us is the myths that surround ‘quick’ weight loss. 

We looked at what actions we can all take now the world is opening up again to support our health on a daily basis, in relation to nutrition but also in relation to all aspects of our lives and habits.

Emily focuses on the anxiety that people of all ages, but particularly millennials, have faced over the past year and she provided some great insights into how to combat that in our lives as we emerge into a post-pandemic world.

In this episode: 

  • Emily explains why preventative health is so important and how to take stock of where we are as we emerge into the social world again (4:45)
  • We unpack exactly what a healthy diet looks like (14:01)
  • Emily gives some examples of how you can manage anxiety (17:26)
  • We consider the impact of technology on stress and anxiety (19:42)
  • I look at the importance of movement in our everyday lives (23:35)
  • We give details of our free week-long meal planner (33:11)

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