Rebel Rewind: Clearing Up The Confusion Around Supplements

I spoke last year with Dr. Richard Bloomer, the Chair of The Department of Health and Sport Sciences and the Dean of the School of Health Studies at the university of Memphis.

Richard’s life’s work has been in the area of nutrition research with a specific focus on nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and their relationship in addressing diseases such as cardio metabolic disease, prediabetes, diabetes and insulin resistance.

We discussed the benefits of using supplementation in addition to following a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle. More importantly, we looked at the fact that research shows supplementation isn’t meant to fix those things that are out of balance in our diets.

We talked about the ongoing controversies surrounding supplementation and addressed the fact that although supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, there is still great deal of clinical data on many of the supplements that qualified healthcare practitioners, like myself, recommend to our clients.

However, one of the things we emphatically agreed on was that there is just too much hype and false marketing claims in the supplement space, and that so many of the companies offering supplements are actually inferior products. 

Take a listen to get the lowdown on what you should be looking for when it comes to supplementing, or not in your own health and wellness plan.

In this episode: 

  • Richard discusses the role nutrition plays in overall health (3:32)
  • We discuss the mixed messaging around supplements and whether they are necessary or not (5:33)
  • Richard explains how he helps consumers navigate the many choices around supplementation (9:37)
  • We discuss how to use supplements when you are on other medication (14:03)
  • We break down the perils of regulation in the diet supplement industry (20:41)
  • Richard explains his  opinion on whether protein powder is necessary in your diet (24:32)
  • We look at the effect supplements can have on your immune function (28:42)
  • Richard highlights a few brands of supplements that he recommends (33:56)

To download a transcript of this episode, click here

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