Episode #166: Rebel Rewind – Feeling The Fear As A Step Toward Change

It’s 4th July week, and that means some of you will be hanging out with family, going to parties, and maybe having a tough time with regulating your emotions in relation to relationships or food. So I figured it was the perfect time to do a Rebel Rewind of this part 2 of this conversation […]

Episode #59: From Traditional ER Doctor To Functional Health Advocate

Listen to the episode: I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Ian Russinoff.  Dr. Russinoff trained as a traditional medicine doctor and practiced ER medicine for most of his career.  In the last year he has opted for a less traditional role as the medical director at Sollis Health, a concierge-based ER practice with a […]

Episode #58: Why Feeling The Fear Is The First Step Toward Change

Listen to the episode: In this second part of my interview with Shari Coltune, we talk about how we handle our emotions and the brain body connection. We consider how to nourish all of ourselves in an effort to get and stay healthy. Shari is a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach and Intuitive Healer who […]

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