Episode #163: Genetics, GLP-1s And Weight Loss

Today I will go into more about the GLP-1 medications, how they work and what they do in the body. If you are wondering where the genetics come into play be sure to listen. I discuss the what and why’s of genetics and how they can be super helpful in your weight loss journey. If […]

Episode #153: Managing Diabetes With More Than Just Meds

What a great conversation I had today with Hillary Meisner, seasoned nutritional therapy practitioner and certified health coach.  Hillary specializes in supporting those with Diabetes and other health challenges.   We know what an important topic diabetes is and more importantly how to help those who are dealing with blood sugar imbalances of all kinds. Hillary […]

Episode #136: Finding Calm In The Chaos

 Shari and I cover some important and timely topics on this episode.   We take a moment to recap from the ReBrand You program and talk about the big take-away’s from this great class.  We discuss the aha moments and ongoing conversations we need to be having with ourselves.  If you have ever considered doing […]

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