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The Rebel Dietitian’s 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Give Us 30 Days To Reconnect With a Fitter, Healthier and Leaner You! Lose weight without the struggle or starvation.

Did you know ...
that each year, 56.4% of women and 41.7% of men in the United States attempt to lose weight?
And of that percentage of people who diet or try a weight loss program only about 4% of those people have been able to keep the weight off that they lose?
The truth is that most weight loss programs can show you how to lose weight - but not how to keep it off.
Our program is different - and we challenge you to try it!
The Brandwein difference? We believe that in order to lose weight - for good - it’s a process that combines healthy eating, nutrition know-how and the support of a team that knows how to move you past the hurdles and challenges.
When a friend of mine for the past 25 years all of a sudden was in the best shape of her life, I asked what she was doing differently. She looked better than I remembered from college. She told me she started with The Rebel Dietitan. I began doing The Rebel Dietitian program too - and shortly thereafter I began seeing the changes that I had been seeking for many years. I highly recommend this weight loss program!!!
Jennifer M.
If you’re tired of promising yourself that you’ll lose weight...
only to find yourself heading to the fridge for a cookie or the pantry for a chip (or bag of chips), then it’s time to discover
The Rebel Dietitan’s 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge.
Stop cravings and feeling like you’re in a constant (losing) battle with your willpower. Discover a program that can help you tackle both the emotional and physical components of weight loss so you can finally find greater success!
When you sign up for the 30-Day Challenge you’ll receive:
You’ll also receive three bonuses to support you on your journey:
Each of these bonuses is designed to arm you with information to navigate food choices and feel more in control.
It’s time to ditch starvation, fad diets that will only pack on the pounds once they’ve finished and opt for a plan that will help you stay committed and on track for life!
The Rebel Dietitan’s 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is an online program designed to shift the way you eat and think about food - and while we can’t guarantee results, we promise that we’ll be here to 100% support you on your personal journey.
The 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Worked! I lost more than 15 pounds! I love the food and the coaching has been hugely helpful. I could not have done it without my coaches! I took the challenge and I won!
Jaime T.
Superior Health Coaching is the Brandwein Difference
We’ll admit, we’re biased - but we make it a priority to ensure that you get the best coaches in the industry to help you work through your challenges and lose weight.
Unlike other online programs that promise you a coach, we’ll provide you with individualized attention - combined with years of experience we have in guiding hundreds of people through our process and successfully achieving their goals.
No cookie cutter approaches or short-cuts.
You’ll have a dedicated coach to help you on your journey and answer the questions you need answered.
Our coaches are the one thing our clients repeatedly tell us helped them finally lose the weight and feel the best they have in years.
Discover how our coaching can support you too!

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