Episode #126: How To Manage Long Covid: Part 1

My conversations with Dr. Tau Braun are always so fascinating and full of groundbreaking information. This interview was no different.

If you have had COVID or maybe you’re not feeling quite up to par after you’ve been vaccinated, it’s possible that you are dealing with Long Covid symptoms.

If you have strange symptoms that seem to have popped up out of the blue, or are feeling more fatigued that normal, you should take a listen to this podcast.

Tau walks us through what is happening in the body that is causing these symptoms and then we discuss the many ways that you can help yourself heal.

This is a must listen, if you or someone you know who’s health is suffering post pandemic.

We talked about:

  • Long covid and the varied symptoms people are seeing
  • How the spike protein of covid impacts the body and leads to such different responses
  • Why we both recognized these implications at an early stage of the pandemic and the research papers that are now proving us right
  • How genetic differences affect the types of responses people have
  • Why we want to understand health from a wellness-based not sickness-based perspective
  • Why your lab work can come back ‘fine’ even when you have long covid
  • Why copper levels are a key issue to examine
  • The link between copper, zinc, and sulfur
  • The foods we should be eating, including cruciferous vegetable, garlic family, herbs, and isoflavones

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