Episode #159: Ozempic: The Missing Parts Of The Conversation

Today I dive into part 2 of the Ozempic conversation.  There is so much misinformation about this class of drugs and  I wanted to take a moment to share what I have learned and talk about what I have found through the research that I have done on this topic.

Trust me this is a big one.  There are truths, there are lies and there are the facts in between.

In this episode I dive into the underpinnings behind the push for these medications and the facts that we aren’t being told

I talk about how to support those who are on the medications and how we can find a happy medium between being on them and having weight loss success to transitioning off and maintaining that success. 

Take a listen if you want to understand what is beyond the hype and how we can best support your efforts at long term health and wellness success!

I welcome your comments and feedback as always!

I talked about:

  • The shame we put on overweight people whether they use Ozempic-style drugs or not
  • Why we should be incentivizing people to improve habits that improve their metabolism, not rushing first to drugs
  • The lifestyle-driven issues that are causing the metabolic conditions that lead to people taking Ozempic
  • The issue of direct market to consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals in the US
  • The gut-health issues that can be caused by the mechanism of these drugs
  • The weight gain that occurs when people come off these drugs
  • The importance of food as medicine in helping patients beyond the fast weight loss that occurs on these drugs
  • How my team can support you in a non-judgmental way
  • Our new membership program that could be a great choice for those taking Ozempic-style drugs

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