Episode #161: Improve Your Relationship To Improve Your Health

Have you ever heard the saying, You don’t know what you don’t know?
I think that is pretty appropriate for the discussion I had with Dr Eva Brown, a licensed marriage and family therapist, owner and founder of Sacred Partners and the creator of her signature methodology Conscious Relationship Mapping™” 

This was such an informative and eye opening discussion. I truly believe that anyone and everyone who has ever been in a relationship should explore this conversation. 

Dr. Eva talks about concepts and ideas that are not a common topic in many therapist’s offices.  Not only that, she brings in conversations that are so important to building, cultivating, and nurturing a conscious partnership, conversations that I can tell you I never even knew should be a ‘thing”  I absolutely loved this episode with her!

Take a listen to her talk about the 5 Stages to Conscious partnership and why each is so important and how they build on each other.

I truly think this is an episode you are not going to want to miss!

We talked about:

  • How Eva started doing passion parties in college and transitioned to a therapist
  • The 5 stages of conscious communication 
  • How our family dynamics as a child play into our relationships now
  • ‘T’rauma and ‘t’rauma  and the difference
  • What really leads to divorce (it’s not money or cheating)
  • How to help your children process trauma
  • What is our love legacy and how can we be accountable to it?
  • Why communicating our feelings is actually the easy part
  • How to maintain our emotional intimacy throughout a relationship
  • Why a happy marriage elongates your life
  • Sacred sexuality and what it means

Read a transcript of this episode.

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