Episode #164: Ozempic and Genetics: Your Questions Answered

Today I go into more about the GLP-1 medications, how they work and what they do in the body.

If you are wondering where the genetics come into play be sure to listen.

I discuss the what and why’s of genetics and how they can be super helpful in your weight loss journey.

If you want to know the nuances of how genetics and weight loss really work you’re going to want to listen.

If you are feeling stuck in your weight loss journey this information can help you better understand why.

Most importantly, know that you do have control over your health and your weight, and this testing can shed light on that while validating the struggles you may have faced along the way.

I talked about:

  • Exactly how the genetic test works, the process, and what you need to do
  • The kind of genetic missteps we see on reports and how we interpret them
  • The example of detoxification and what we see on a genetic report
  • The other tests we do to validate the genetic results
  • How we use all that information to decide your next steps
  • The 6 key categories of a genetic test that relate to how you use and store energy
  • How we can use genetic tests to support those prone to mood disorders

To read a transcript, click here.

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