Episode #165: Health Freedom, Food Freedom And How Regenerative Farming Can Help Save The Planet

I have a question for you — do you ever think about the food you eat? I mean really think about where it comes from and who is growing it?

Have you ever had a garden or grown your own food? If you have you probably have a whole different appreciation for farmers, as it’s not always so easy tending to one’s garden! But you also know that food you have grown yourself tastes completely different than what you buy in the store. 

It has become more apparent to me that our freedom around food is becoming increasingly regulated and with that increasingly devitalized and toxic.

Toxic food, that has been factory farmed, with chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides is unhealthy for our bodies and as we know from studies leads to disease.

How do we protect ourselves from this? Amanda and I talk about the growing trend of regenerative farming, and how empowering farmers to take back control over their land can not only make a difference in our lives, but can also greatly impact our planet.

Take a listen to this compelling conversation. It will have you looking at your food in a whole new light.

And check out Moms Across America gluten-free test results that Amanda mentioned in the episode.

We talked about:

  • The effect of pesticides on our food and our health
  • How nutritional value drops as soon as produce is picked
  • The benefits of local product, growing your own, and co-op food services
  • The positive impact regenerative farming has on our carbon footprint
  • The effect having lots of barren land has on our farmers
  • How sperm and cord blood shows chemicals are affecting our fertility and health even as babies
  • How being part of our membership will give you access to resources on this topic
  • How to check if your food is really GMO-free

To read a transcript, click here.

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