Episode #99: Where’s The Beef: Picking The Right Nutritional Plan

In the second part of my interview with  Dr. Connealy, Medical Director of Cancer Center for Healing and Center for New Medicine, we talked about infections and why almost all disease stem from them. We also talked about her passion, which is hormonal issues, and discussed why hormones are one of the most powerful things in our system.

And if you wonder how someone like Dr. Connealy eats for health, then you’re going to want to take a listen to why she chooses an ‘ancestral’ diet and what she regularly eats in her day!

Leigh and I talk about:

  • Why all diseases have some infectious component and the different types of infection
  • How so many different things can change our microbiome
  • The impact of yeast in cancer patients 
  • How stress starts in the head and ends in the body
  • How your body keeps score of everything, and how stress starts in the head and ends in the body
  • Why she loves to work with hormones, and her own issues with them
  • Why hormones are the most powerful, significant thing you need to fix and balance in your system
  • The details of each of the different areas in your body that create hormones
  • Whether hormones cause cancer
  • Why she chooses to include meat in her diet

To read a transcript, click here.

To find out more about Dr. Connealy, check out here website.

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