It’s that time of year again.  If you are one of the many trying to figure out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day here are some quick and inexpensive suggestions.   Generally speaking, Mom’s don’t ever get much of a break, especially if they are raising younger children; although, from what I hear, sometimes the older ones prove even more challenging!  The general consensus is that the majority of Moms (adults in general) are lacking in sleep. While this may sound somewhat humorous at first glance, lack of sleep for anyone can lead to major health problems.  Sleep not only allows the body to rest, but plays a crucial role in how the body responds to stress.  Sleep is vital for hormone regulation and helps with muscle growth and repair.  Children will not grow properly without enough sleep; and adults cannot function without it as well.  A restful night’s slumber is commonly overlooked as a contributing factor too many health related issues.  Curing one’s sleep issues often results in the resolution of many other problems.

How does this correlate to a Mother’s Day gift?  Easy. One of the best gifts you can give to Mom is to allow her to get not just one night of peaceful long sleep, but to make it a point of allowing her to have at least one day a week  to enjoy a good night’s rest.  Instead of giving her a spa package for instance, get  a room at a hotel and allow her to enjoy some alone time.  Or have everyone leave the house on a given weekend morning and let her sleep in.  Sometimes an afternoon cat nap may be just the rest she needs to recharge her for the rest of the day, so give her a little и break a couple of days a week after homework is finished and allow her to doze off on her favorite chair!

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