Rebel Rewind: PART 2 – All Things Thyroid

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One of the most common health issues I get asked about are thyroid problems. More and more people have heard of the thyroid, and how it can impact weight, energy levels, and having an increased sensitivity to the cold.

But it’s rare to find someone who really knows what the thyroid is and what it does.

 That’s why this week I decided to re-release a podcast from last summer, where I delved into the details of this organ and what it means to have a thyroid imbalance. Even in the medical community, there are doctors who misdiagnose or mistreat thyroid conditions.

I am always delighted to share my insights, clarify the role of the thyroid gland, and look at many of the common misconceptions. I think it’s important to understand the lab values associated with properly diagnosing thyroid issues. Only once we understand all of these can we take a deeper dive and assess thyroid imbalances and talk about next steps.

In this episode I discuss: 

  • The issues of undiagnosed thyroid problems in the US (1:57)
  • What exactly the thyroid is and explain some key symptoms of thyroid issues (3:52)
  • the 6 key tests that every doctor should be doing when checking for thyroid issues (8:01)
  • Why it’s important to do antibody testing (14:46)
  • A little-known additional test doctors often miss (15:54)
  • Why iodine and mercury imbalances can cause thyroid problems (17:44)

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