Episode #155: The Secret To Setting Boundaries

Yes, she is back!  That is right, I am referring to our amazing life coach, Shari Coltune.  There is so much to explore when it comes to self-reflection, self-care and working through our own subconscious beliefs, and stories, so I felt it was only appropriate to bring Shari back to talk about boundaries. This is […]

Episode #154: Small Changes, Big Difference – Rebel Rewind

This is a rewind of an episode I recorded about a year ago with my coaches, to talk about what we see in the health and wellness industry.  Choosing small things to change at a time is still what we are about here, so this is as relevant as it was when we first recorded […]

Episode #123: Living Not Just Longer, But Healthier

I’m so excited because Shari Coltune and I are starting a new 8-week program to help Re-Brand You! We’ll be blending our expertise (mine, in relation to nutrition and hers, in relation to mindset work) to help you reframe your goals and your body so you can create a unique roadmap to wellness based on […]

Episode #100: A Coach’s View Of The Health And Wellness Industry

Welcome to episode 100! In this episode I have a round table with my coaches, to talk about what we see in the health and wellness industry. This week we talk about the trends we have noticed in our industry and with the clients who come through our doors. The coaches and I talk about: […]

Episode #30: The Power of Mindset in Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Listen to the episode:   Today my conversation with motivational speaker and author Alan Stein Jr. was nothing short of passionate.  As a former basketball coach and trainer, he talked about how mindset and behavior change are integral components of achieving success; and that it’s not just about compartmentalizing actions or checking off boxes.     His […]

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