Food is Medicine

Personalized Nutritional Medicine

Data about how your body functions + expert coaching and accountability
= the healthy, energetic body you crave

When you know ‘something’ isn’t right in your body, but you’re not sure what . . .

Then you roll your eyes at the ‘30 days to weight loss’ deals. They sound too good to be true because they are.

If you’ve not found a solution with doctors, specialists, online weight loss plans, self-help books, or specialized diets you heard about on TikTok — then you know that you need to dig deeper.

We investigate your past to understand the root cause of your health and sometimes mindset issues.

And we support your journey to health every step of the way — based on what your body tells us.

Listening to what your body is telling us

“The body keeps the score”

For us, everything starts with your body. Testing allows us to evaluate what’s working (and what’s not) in your health currently. Knowing more about how your body functions at a cellular level and how it processes nutrients allows us to make smart decisions about how to optimize your health long-term.

Tests We Recommend Include

Nutritional Tests

We recommend a range of nutritional tests, including gut microbiome testing, so we can understand how your body is responding before we start making any changes.

Based on your results, we create specialized custom supplements to support the health changes that make the most sense for your body.

Lifestyle tests and assessment

Stress, sleep, movement, behavior, self-care, mental and emotional well-being — these are all essential parts of our daily life. We evaluate all these areas so we can understand your daily stressors and how they might be impacted by your genetics and what you’re eating.

Genetic testing

We strongly recommend everyone we work with take the 3×4 Genetic Test so we can understand your unique blueprint to health and wellness.

A longterm roadmap to health

Everyday we watch clients combine a deep understanding of their body from testing with the accountability and support of coaching.
It’s likely that you’ve been dealing with health issues for years. And you probably know there isn’t a quick-fix diet plan out there that’s going to change your life.

Working with a certified health coach gives you:

Detailed interpretation of your results by an expert in the field

Support as you work on the mindset issues involved in making long-term changes

Accountability and guidance as you work toward your goals

Constantly updated tools and resources to deal with any speedbumps you hit on the journey

Even small changes count

If you’re not able or ready for long-term coaching, take a look at our self-paced programs. Combining testing and one session with a coach (to interpret your results and customize the program to your specific body) allows you to supercharge the effects of programs that work on the fundamentals of living a healthy life.

Supplements to work with your body

Suppliments to work with your body

We believe that supplements work best if they’re tailored to your health issues and lifestyle. We have created our own line of multivitamins and supplements, and only sell other brand-name products that we stand behind.

Check out our supplement store to find our science-backed, personally-tested recommendations

Meet The Rebel Nutritionist

For over 20 years, founder Meryl Brandwein has been taking a personalized approach to holistic health.

As a licensed nutritionist, she knows that food is the information our body needs to function. And as a cancer survivor, Meryl intimately knows how food and nutrition therapies can be critical to recovery from health issues and to thriving in life.

The Brandwein team take an integrative approach to health and wellness, combining an understanding of each client’s unique genetic blueprint, how their body is currently responding to food, lifestyle, and exercise, and their long-term health goals to create a truly personalized, data-based roadmap to wellness

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