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Nutrition to Support Healing and Long-Term Wellness

At the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness, we understand that food can truly be medicine. Whether you’re want to improve your overall health or are ready to manage chronic health problems, we can help you create a therapeutic nutrition plan built just for you.

We understand that you’ve faced struggles – whether it’s with weight or your overall health and are tired of plans that don’t work or are simply unsustainable.

Our approach is different: we get to the root cause of your problems and address healthy living from both a nutritional and lifestyle perspective.

So, instead of piling on another standardized plan that addresses only your symptoms, we’ll dig deeper to provide you with a plan that leads to a healthier you. Begin by contacting our office for a personalized health and wellness consultation.


At the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness, we understand that food can truly be medicine. We offer both in person and online programs, helping you find better health and wellness, no matter where you are.

Balance and Restore

Discover a better approach to managing chronic pain or a debilitating diagnosis. Customized to meet your circumstances, Balance & Restore rebuilds optimal health in 3 distinct phases. Identify the root cause of your symptoms, create balance and health with a therapeutic nutrition and stabilization plan to restore your health.

Weight Loss Programs

Effectively lose weight for good! Work directly with our health coaches in one of our 8, 12 and 16-week weight loss programs. Be fully supported to make healthier choices and achieve your weight loss goals. With individual coaching and an on-line program, you’ll learn to maintain a healthy weight for good.

The New Normal

This complete health and wellness program addresses both medical and lifestyle challenges, so you can achieve balance, reduce stress and achieve good health. Designed to help you manage illness or implement a long-term preventative health program, the New Normal will help you live life more fully in every area of your life.

The Brandwein Difference


Founder Meryl Brandwein understands how to harness the therapeutic power of nutrition to optimize health. As a licensed nutritionist and recognized leader in integrating nutrition into wellness strategies for over 20 years, Meryl helps people overcome illness and pain so they can live healthier lives.

As a cancer survivor, Meryl intimately knows the fear and frustration that can come with a life-altering diagnosis. She personally experienced how the food and nutrition therapies she shares with clients can be critical to recovery and long-term well-being.

Meryl’s deep knowledge and whole foods-whole person approach make her an essential weapon in any healthy living plan.

Begin Your Personal Better Health Journey

Initial Consultation

We’ll begin with an in-depth review of your current health situation and go beyond any labels you’ve been given. We’ll review your history, lifestyle and past and search for the underlying cause of your symptoms to treat your pain and help you feel better.

Discover Your Health Plan

We’ll create a customized plan that is designed to get your system restored and functioning. Looking at physical and lifestyle factors, we’ll design a plan that’s easy to follow, with lasting impact

Your Better Health Journey

Even if you’re simply looking to lose weight, each of health plans have one goal in mind – creating a personal health journey back to optimal wellness. Feel good and understand how to maintain your health objectives for years to come.


  • "Life changing experience. When I went to Meryl I was exhausted all the time, in the afternoon even worse, I had no energy. I could not sleep at night, had trouble focusing, overwhelmed over small stuff, having hot flashes , the list goes on. After Meryl's wellness plan everything changed. My life and more importantly the life of my family changed."

    Liza L
  • "I’ve been seeing Meryl for about 5 years now and she is amazing!! I was having so many gut issues, had been through 5 different types of Gastroenterologist with absolutely no help. One Doctor even had the nerve to say it was all in my head. Defeated and very depressed I was told about Meryl from a friend. I went to see Meryl and it changed my life. Meryl and her team are amazing. They run the test Doctor’s refuse to acknowledge. She works to get to the root of the issue, not just the symptoms, all while educating you on food and their power of healing. I highly recommend Meryl for anyone looking to feel better!"

    Danielle B.
  • "You want to feel good about yourself? Want to bring back your confidence? Want to eat healthy and make smart decisions on what goes into your body? Then you need to visit Meryl"

    Douglas G.

You deserve to feel good and be in
control of your own health.

We’ll work with you to make long-term sustainable health and weight maintenance a reality.
Whether you live in South Florida or beyond, we can help you with our coaching programs, nutritional plans and workshops. Schedule a Call and we’ll help you get started.

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