Episode #88: What’s The Deal With Nutrition Advice, Anyway?

Who do we trust and what are they telling us? Today’s conversation with Amanda Archibald – my fellow “gene sister” was so insightful. While we did rant a little- we both equally agree that the state of where we are regarding valid accurate and applicable nutrition advice is abominable. If you are confused about nutrition […]

Episode #87: The ‘Hidden’ Ingredients In Skincare

Today is the second part of my interview with Eric Malka. We talked in detail about the ingredients he uses in his personal care products and why he and his wife, who formulates them, choose them. We also discussed the dangers of unregulated industries and some more about the hidden ingredients in big brand products. […]

Episode #86: Environment, Nutrition And Our Health. What’s The Connection?

Today I had the privilege of talking with Eric Malka.  Best known as the co-creator and founder  of the famous brand The Art Of Shaving. What a fabulous conversation Eric and I had today!  From all things skincare to the environment to knowing what to put in and on your body, we covered it all. […]

Episode #85: Detoxification – Why It’s Essential (And Why Our DNA Matters)

This is the second part of an in-depth interview I had with Gay Riley, a functional medicine nutritionist who focuses on environmental toxicity. Gay and I have so much in common in relation to how we coach our clients toward health in their whole body, and in this part we focused on the genetic predispositions […]

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