Episode #136: Finding Calm In The Chaos

 Shari and I cover some important and timely topics on this episode.   We take a moment to recap from the ReBrand You program and talk about the big take-away’s from this great class.  We discuss the aha moments and ongoing conversations we need to be having with ourselves.  If you have ever considered doing […]

Episode #135: Gratitude And Its Many Health Benefits

The whole gang was in the house for this podcast episode. You often hear me talk about the things that I do in my life to ground and balance me.  I thought what better time than to invite the team in to talk about what they do to take care of themselves and how they […]

Episode #134: The Key to Radiant Aging

 Who doesn’t want younger-looking skin?  Of course we all do! We slather creams, lotions, and oils onto our skin and get all types of treatments in the hopes of keeping our skin youthful and radiant. What if I told you that skin health starts on the inside?  Would you believe me?   This is the […]

Episode #133: In Defense Of Women

I always love my conversations with Amanda Archibald. A longtime friend, colleague and fellow gene sister, Amanda and I always have discussions worth listening to! This episode dives into the many issues facing women and the challenges they face as they navigate mid-life and beyond.  If you are dealing with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, […]

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