Episode #2: Why I really hate the diet mentality

Listen to the episode:   I truly hate the culture of diet mentality that exists for most of us today. I hate it because the mentality is backwards. And it can do such damage to our long-term health. This episode of the podcast covers why your health shouldn’t fit in a box that says gluten […]

Join Us for A Celebration! April 23!

When, Where, and How Do I RSVP? Thursday, April 23, 2015 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 17130 Royal Palm Boulevard Suite 1 Weston, FL 33326 Enjoy light, healthy bites and wine! Free Mini Treatments, Giveaways and Raffle Drawings too! Meryl Brandwein Nutrition emphasizes a holistic approach by providing high quality, integrated health and wellness services. […]

Any Way You Spell It, It’s Still Sugar.

Sweet as they may be, “healthy” sugars are still just that: Sugar. Try as we might, and all outside advice aside, your body just doesn’t recognize an “all natural” versus “unrefined” or organic.  No matter the type of sugar, or how you consume it, it can and will raise your blood sugar levels. An article […]

On Sleep

One of the most important things you can do for your body is give it sleep. Meryl discusses the benefits of all natural sleep aids.

Don’t Give Up – Especially Near the Finish Line.

If you’ve ever run competitively, you know the race isn’t over near the finish line. As you reach that last leg of the journey you should pour on even more strength and will to win! The ladies of Mission Makeover are coming to the end of the show’s journey, but the race is still being […]

Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods

So you have heard it before….Having a healthy gut keeps disease out!  Our grandmothers new this but we seem to have forgotten.  Our guts are the gatekeeper that decide what gets in and what stays out. Eating fermented foods is so important to having health gut flora!   Here is a quick little reminder of […]

Committing to a Weight Loss Regimen Doesn’t Mean Deprivation

Committing to a weight loss regimen doesn’t mean deprivation and shouldn’t be about starvation. It’s a process and along the way we need to make sure we are not beating ourselves up for the occasional diversions that lead us astray. Sometimes a diversion happens so take a break and recheck yourself.  Below are a few […]

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