Episode #10: How To Listen To Your Body To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Listen to the episode: I am so excited to share this week’s episode, as it follows in the footsteps of the one that aired last week with fitness guru Matt Pack. Our discussion was so well received that I decided to follow it up with some more tips and facts to help you find your […]

Episode #9: A Holistic Approach to Fitness

Listen to the episode: Today  I sat down with Matt Pack, owner of Primal Fit Miami to talk about what he considers to be holistic fitness and why it has proven so successful for his clients.   Matt has had a successful career in the fitness industry and his truly holistic approach to overall fitness, wellness and […]

Episode #8: The Epidemic of Disordered Eating

Listen to the episode: Kirsten Florias is one of the amazing health coaches at Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, and she works with many of our clients who struggle with disordered eating. Different to having an eating disorder, disordered eating often involves an unhealthy relationship with food, nutrition, body image, and more.  Kirsten and […]

Episode #7: What Is Functional Nutrition?

Listen to the episode:   I get asked all the time – what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Most people think that all I do is weight loss, and while that is a part of the story it is truly just a small piece of the work that we do at BIN. Most often I end […]

Episode #6: No One Else Had Survived This

Listen to the episode: Anyone who has ever heard the dreaded words, “you have cancer,” knows that life simply turns upside down and the “return to normal” is almost never a straight line. On this episode, my client and friend Melanie, shares when she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer little did she know how important […]

Episode #5: When Your Kid Is The One Who’s Sick

Listen to the episode:   It’s one thing if you’re the one who’s suffering, but when your child gets sick, you want to know that you’re able to get them the help they need. Often a diagnosis will come with medications, side effects and even stigmas sometime that make it hard for both parent and […]

3 Steps to A Better Relationship With Food

Mindful Eating on Meryl Brandwein

3 Steps to A Better Relationship With Food Mindful Eating: A Practice It’s time for a new relationship with food. Have you ever noticed how complicated your relationship with food has become? On some days it’s a burdensome adversary and on others, it’s your closest friend. Next to money, food is the one thing people […]

The Surprising Link Between Nutrition & Mental Health

Until recent years, one of the most unrecognized factors contributing to mental health has been the role of nutrition. At best, nutrition was given only a secondary glance or left for moms to notice as they gave their kids a dose of sugar and watch the obvious side effects only minutes later. But if you […]

Is All or Nothing Thinking Impacting Your Health?

You’ve been “good” all week and then you go out with some friends and they order an appetizer to share. It’s loaded with cheese and it’s fried – and it’s definitely not on your “accepted food list”. At first you try and resist, but after the cocktail you had (you promised yourself just this one), […]

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