Episode #153: Managing Diabetes With More Than Just Meds

What a great conversation I had today with Hillary Meisner, seasoned nutritional therapy practitioner and certified health coach.  Hillary specializes in supporting those with Diabetes and other health challenges.   We know what an important topic diabetes is and more importantly how to help those who are dealing with blood sugar imbalances of all kinds. Hillary […]

Episode #143: Ozempic – A Magic Bullet?

In this episode, I break down the facts and the fiction about the GLP-1 agonists — semaglutide such as Ozempic, Wegovy and Monjuaro. I break down some of the myths and facts about these peptides and shed some light on important implications surrounding their use. If you are confused about what they are and what […]

Episode #101: Small Daily Changes That Lead To Wellness

We’re back with part 2 of our coaches roundtable. We started this to celebrate our 100th episode (check out the last episode if you haven’t already) but we had so much to discuss, we created a part 2! As coaches who are watching people struggle to regain control of their health, and as individuals who […]

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