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Smoothies with a Purpose – Thursday, January 25, 2018
Join us at Aroa Yogurt in Plantation for this fun and informative event. Come and learn how to create delicious, healthy smoothies that are packed with nutrients. Learn the tweaks to your smoothie that make the biggest difference in your nutrition! Call 954.727.9006 to RSVP or click here

Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness

Meryl Brandwein (RD/LDN) is a licensed nutritionist and founder of Meryl Brandwein Nutrition & the Brandwein Institute of Nutrition and Wellness, a nutrition practice based in South Florida. Meryl has been a leader in advancing a whole foods approach to integrating nutrition into overall health and wellness programs and strategies.

Nutrition Programs

A whole food, whole person approach where food is your best medicine by Meryl Brandwein Licensed Nutritionist, Dietitian.

Specially Curated Nutrition Shop

Meryl Brandwein has carefully selected these powerful supplements for her customers, specifically chosen for their efficacy and quality

Healthsnap Assesment with Nikki

A special introductory session with Nikki and receive two (2) HealthSnap Assessments and Lifestyle Reports for just $99. CALL 954.727.9006 TODAY

Curated Meal Plans

Dietitian-Created Plans Designed for You
Curated meals from Meryl Brandwein! Let us help you meet your healthy eating goals! The perfect way to know your getting optimal nutrition at every meal

Eating seasonal, fresh foods is important for many reasons. Meryl shares some of her favorite seasonal recipes that she prepares for her own family. She will share with you her time-saving tips for preparation as well as give you some interesting benefits of each of the seasonal fresh fruits and vegetable she chooses.

Meryl is committed to helping you reach optimal health by working with you and your diet along with lifestyle modifications. Diet in combination with nutritional and specialized testing and nutritional supplementation are used to address individual needs, from creating wellness to treating chronic, complex medical problems.

Getting the information, guidance, and metabolic support you need whether through a personal analysis from Meryl or our on-line Nutri-Q evaluation, is essential to achieving vibrant health and to living a fulfilling life. Here you will find the supplements, books and tools Meryl recommends. These products are your gateway to a life that is filled with energy, vitality, and optimal health. Shop around and enjoy. We are always available for questions

Meryl Brandwein Nutrition, a licensed Nutritionist, Dietitian, is located Weston Town Center, right on main street.
1730 Main Street, Suite 208 Weston, FL 33326
(right above Weston Jewelers!)

Top 10 Dietitians in Weston 2016

Meryl Brandwein’s Practice has been recognized as one of the top Weston Dietetics practices.

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