Episode #89: Biohacking or Bio-balance?

 I just love talking with Amanda Archibald all things genetics and nutrition! In part 2 of our conversation, we delve into exactly how food supports our body, what a genomic test can tell us about our health, and the importance of bioactives. If you want to understand exactly how our bodies use food and […]

Episode #77: Why Personalization In Fitness And Nutrition Is Always Worth It

  Welcome back to part two of our fabulous conversation with Ky Evans and Jodi Vanderlie Today we bring Jodi into the conversation and she and I go a little deeper in relation to nutrition and exercise. Jodi talks about the four pillars of the LIFT lounge philosophy and why it is so important that […]

Episode #72: Learning About Health And Nutrition On Social Media

Colby Kranz and I had such a great time talking that we had to split this one into a 2 parter! In the second part of my interview with Colby, health coach and founder of LivingPurely, we focused on the influx of health and nutrition trends, fads, and ‘hacks’ on social media these days, and […]

Episode #71: Disordered Eating And Why A Calorie Isn’t The Same For Everyone

Colby Kranz, founder of LivingPurely, is new to the health coaching world. She shared with us her insights about being a millennial in this ever-changing landscape, what that means for her business, and how she has learned to navigate the health and wellness space. Colby shares her own story, how and what prompted her to […]

Episode #69: Optimizing Fertility And Women’s Health

I had the distinct please of talking with fertility specialize Dora Toma recently. If you’re looking to conceive or are currently pregnant, you are going to want to listen to this podcast. If you are wondering why nutrition is such an important focus during pre-conception, conception, and post-delivery, this podcast is a must listen. We […]

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