Episode #145: How To Pick The Right Foods For Your Body

Have you found that you are more confused than ever about what to eat and how to achieve optimal health? Never has there been a time where knowing what to eat and how to take care of your health and wellbeing was more baffling than it is now. In a time of never ending influencers, […]

Episode #123: Living Not Just Longer, But Healthier

I’m so excited because Shari Coltune and I are starting a new 8-week program to help Re-Brand You! We’ll be blending our expertise (mine, in relation to nutrition and hers, in relation to mindset work) to help you reframe your goals and your body so you can create a unique roadmap to wellness based on […]

Episode #122: Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Necessary?

We are back with part 2 of our podcast with Dr. John Ivy.  If you haven’t yet listened to part one you absolutely should go back and do that because it’s chock full of great information. This time, we are continuing the conversation about nitric oxide and talking about why most of us probably should […]

Episode #121: Why We Need Nitric Oxide

I had the great pleasure of talking with Dr. John Ivy, a recognized leader in the area of sports nutrition, muscle metabolism, and how physical activity can prevent Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Our discussion focused on his groundbreaking research in the area of nitric oxide and how it impacts our health.  For […]

The 5 Reasons You Need a Health Coach in 2020

Has the flood of new weight loss and weight management apps, left you wondering what will better help you reach your goals? Can an app really replace the benefits of a health coach – after all it’s convenient, provides you data and some even claim they’ll give you the support you need? From Noom to […]

Is Disordered Eating Becoming an Epidemic?

You’ve heard of eating disorders, but have you heard of disordered eating? Eating disorders is a diagnostic term that covers four specific types of disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and eating disorder not otherwise specified. And while we all have known someone who has probably fallen into one of those categories at some point in […]

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