Episode #3: How Long Until I Feel Better?

Listen to the episode:   If you haven’t been feeling well for a while, it can be hard to imagine that you’ll feel good again. Especially if everything you’ve tried isn’t working the way the health professionals promised. On this episode, my friend and client Linda discusses her experience with acid reflux and how her […]

Episode #2: Why I really hate the diet mentality

Listen to the episode:   I truly hate the culture of diet mentality that exists for most of us today. I hate it because the mentality is backwards. And it can do such damage to our long-term health. This episode of the podcast covers why your health shouldn’t fit in a box that says gluten […]

Episode #1: Feeling Anxious Still? You’re Not Alone

Listen to the episode: The truth is that anxiety and stress have reached pandemic proportions . . .and most of us are still struggling to cope. You can see it even in the actions this week. Whether it’s teens wanting to break free and let loose or the fact that a study showed this week […]

What this Past Year and COVID Has Taught Us

It’s been a year since the world first learned of COVID and life as we knew it in 2019 completely changed. For many of us, the things we took for granted have now become treasured – including time with family, eating out with friends and travel.  We’ve also learned that our health isn’t something that […]

Simple Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes that Lead to Big Results

When it comes to prevention and long-term wellness, the truth is that some of the simplest nutrition and lifestyle changes often lead to the biggest results. There is this misconception that in order to reap the benefits of long-term health and wellness that you have to adopt a strict Tom Brady like diet of fish, […]

Be Proactive! Health Strategies for 2021

For decades, proactive health in the United States meant simply going to your doctor for your annual check-up, getting your flu shot and popping a multivitamin every morning. It might also include some form of testing, better nutrition and exercise, but for years those people were labeled “health nuts” or “die hards” – leaving the […]

Women, Weight Loss & Hormones

As a woman, there comes a time when your body starts to feel like it’s no longer predictable like it used to be. It reacts to foods that you used to love and you seem to gain weight simply looking at food.  And while for some that day may hit in your 30’s and for […]

Let’s Keep the Doctor Away

Have you been thinking more about your long-term health? Especially now when it feels like doctor’s offices or hospitals feel a little unsafe?  You’re not alone. Despite being unable to see clients in our office, I’ve heard from more and more of you asking, “what can I do to protect myself long term?”  It’s not […]

Genomic Testing: The Crystal Ball You’ve Always Waited For?

Your father had Type II Diabetes in his mid 40’s. Your grandmother died of lung cancer (and she never smoked). And your sister just completed testing for an autoimmune scare. She’s fine. But all this has you wondering. . . what lies ahead for me? Sometimes you wish you had a crystal ball that could […]

Gratitude Can Change Your Brain

How Gratitude Impacts Your Physical & Emotional Health There is no question that gratitude is good for you. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it might be good to explore how it really works to improve your health! Now, you might be wondering why I’m talking about a topic like gratitude . . […]

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