Episode #80: How Learning To Love Yourself Matters

Today Suzette and I jumped right into it. As a longtime integrative health coach, Suzette truly understands how to unravel and help women decipher the noise that often overtakes our thoughts, emotions, and our success at achieving our goals. If you find that you are really good at starting different types of health and weight […]

Episode #23: How To Face The Fears Of Change To Improve Your Health For Good

Listen to the episode:     In today’s discussion with our amazing health coach Michele Baron, I got to put her in the client spotlight!  Michele talks candidly and openly about how she confronted her fears about testing and how she embraced the process of change. Michele talks about how she, like so many of […]

Episode #22: Genomics: Your Questions Answered

Listen to the episode:     I had a great conversation on the podcast this week with my friend and colleague Amanda Archibald.  Amanda and I have been working together in this genomic space for years and I consider her my genetic sister! We took a deep dive into all things genetic and looked at […]

Episode #21: Gut Health, Your Questions Answered

Listen to the episode:     I was so excited to hear all of the great feedback from our podcast with Dr.Marie Van der Merwe (episode 20), and I’m delighted that so many of you found it so beneficial. So we decided to follow up that episode with answers to questions that we received from some […]

Episode #19: Understanding The Mind Body Connection

Listen to the episode:     There is no doubt that the mind is a powerful machine and that so much of what transpires in our heads has a physical impact on our body.  Through my own journey, I have learned that the mind and the body are truly one system. Each has a profound […]

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