Often times people are not quite certain what to expect when they go to see a nutritionist.  They are well aware, however,  that there’s a pretty good likelihood that something in their diet will have to change.  Believe it or not, it’s for this very reason that people put off coming to see me.  Ask someone to give up a bad or unhealthy habit, and they are willing to give it a go.  Asking someone to change their diet is another story completely. 

It’s for this very reason that I don’t completely overhaul someone’s diet the first time I meet them.  The key to success, whether I am addressing a health issue, weight loss, or simply general wellness, is to begin slowly by making small changes..

Changing behaviors is difficult.  Incorporating too many “new” foods at one time can be overwhelming and intimidating.  The more comfortable you get with one ingredient at a time, the more often you will incorporate it into your diet.   For instance, if you enjoy salad, rather than using Romaine lettuce over and over, try adding in a different green.  Arugula, watercress, escarole and endive are loaded with flavor and nutrients.  Try a different green each day, experiment with them and you will soon notice your salad takes on a whole different dimension of flavor.   This is one example of how to incorporate a variety of ingredients into your daily routine.  Staying with that salad theme, we can move onto the veggies in the salad.  If you usually use cucumber, tomato and carrots for example try other vegetables.  Items such as peppers, beets, seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin), artichokes and beans for example are wonderful ways to incorporate different flavors, textures and nutrients into one meal. 

The same idea goes for meals as well.  Think about one new, unusual ingredient that you have not tried yet, but have heard of, and add it to one meal during the week.  If you like it, you should find other ways to incorporate it into your weekly routine, if you don’t enjoy it move onto another ingredient.  If you try this trick with one new ingredient each week, you will be expanding not only your recipe box but you’ll see health improvements as well!!  

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