Episode #118: How (And Where) Are You Living Your Life?

I always love talking to Shari Coltune as we see life from two sides of the same coin! We talked this week about the day-to-day we live our lives, and why that might not be moving us toward our goals.  We considered ways we sabotage ourselves as we try to make positive changes in our […]

Episode #97: The Key To Lasting Behavioral Change

In the second part of my conversation with Aaron Novello, real estate coach and behavior change specialist, we dig into the details of how we receive information, and how we can use that to help us assess our behaviors and what needs to change. From my love of pastini to Aaron’s breakdown of The Matrix, […]

Episode #96: The Key To Lasting Behavioral Change

What a fascinating and fun conversation I had today with Aaron Novello. Aaron is  a realtor and an expert in behavioral health coaching.  While his expertise is in Real Estate Coaching, there is no doubt that this type of coaching is relevant to all aspects of life.   Human behavior is universal and understanding how our […]

Episode #30: The Power of Mindset in Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Listen to the episode:   Today my conversation with motivational speaker and author Alan Stein Jr. was nothing short of passionate.  As a former basketball coach and trainer, he talked about how mindset and behavior change are integral components of achieving success; and that it’s not just about compartmentalizing actions or checking off boxes.     His […]

Episode #28: Tips To Help Prevent Cancer – Making Changes That Matter

Listen to the episode:   Phew! Today I was fired up to have that “c” word conversation.  Last week Dr. Cordova and I talked about hormones, the stigma around them and the concerns about hormone replacement and cancer.  Today I wanted to address prevention.  There is so much fear associated with cancer and rightly so.  […]

Episode #27: Not Your Mother’s HRT – The Future of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Listen to the episode:   Today I was privileged to interview Dr. Marlene Tages-Cordova, AKA Dr. T, about the common misconceptions people hold about hormone therapy.  We touched on topics ranging from why we should even consider taking hormones, to understanding how hormones are processed in the body and why knowing that information is so […]

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