Episode #141: Habit Stacking: The Key To Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Do you find yourself making New Year’s resolutions that you simply don’t stick to?  Do you wonder why it’s so difficult to stay committed to the promises we make ourselves? Well, it all comes down to habits.  If we don’t create new habits, and reframe our mindset about how we envision we want our lives […]

Episode #125: Do You Need A Parent Coach?

All I can say is wow, I wish I knew Jessica, or at least someone like her when I was raising my kids!  If you are a parent and are struggling with your relationship or how to have a conversation with your child or children, you are going to want to listen to this. Or […]

Episode #105: Dispelling The Myths Of Weightlifting

 Do you think you need to do endless amounts of cardio to manage your weight? Do you think if you lift weights your muscles will get “too” big? Do you think weightlifting is just for bodybuilders? If you said yes to any of these questions you definitely want to listen to this episode.  What […]

Episode #104: 15 Minutes To Better Health: The Nutri-Q Assessment

I sat down with one of our coaches, Amanda, this week, to talk about the Nutri-Q assessment. This is a detailed nutritional assessment that doesn’t involve doing invasive testing. It can tell us a lot about your health, especially when paired with an understanding of the areas where you may have concern. It’s a free […]

Episode #81: Shifting The Stories We’ve Been Told About Ourselves

In a world where the noise in this industry is so loud, and so many people claim to be experts, sifting through the information has become a task unto itself.   Either that or you are just flat-out listening to the wrong people and getting questionable advice.  If you want to know how to find the […]

Episode #80: How Learning To Love Yourself Matters

Today Suzette and I jumped right into it. As a longtime integrative health coach, Suzette truly understands how to unravel and help women decipher the noise that often overtakes our thoughts, emotions, and our success at achieving our goals. If you find that you are really good at starting different types of health and weight […]

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