Episode #166: Rebel Rewind – Feeling The Fear As A Step Toward Change

It’s 4th July week, and that means some of you will be hanging out with family, going to parties, and maybe having a tough time with regulating your emotions in relation to relationships or food. So I figured it was the perfect time to do a Rebel Rewind of this part 2 of this conversation […]

Episode #159: Ozempic: The Missing Parts Of The Conversation

Today I dive into part 2 of the Ozempic conversation.  There is so much misinformation about this class of drugs and  I wanted to take a moment to share what I have learned and talk about what I have found through the research that I have done on this topic. Trust me this is a […]

Episode #158: My Experience With The Medical Medium Protocol

Today once again I sit down with Dr. Sherri Greene, a regenerative medicine practitioner who specializes in protocols based on the Medical Medium teachings. This conversation is especially powerful because I talk about my experience with the protocol that I have personally been following for about 8 weeks and the miraculous discovery I have seen […]

Episode #157: The Nourishment We All Need

How often have you stopped, I mean really stopped, to take a moment out of your day to contemplate what really matters to you? Perhaps you meditate, perhaps you journal. And yes, those things do allow us to pause, but often during that time our mind is still occupied with other thoughts.   I want to […]

Episode #156: Empower Yourself To Create Your Best Life Ever!

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Wendi Weiss Blum all about creating the life we desire. If that feels so far out of reach for you, you are going to want to listen to this podcast.  If you question how to move the needle forward in your life, or even how to start […]

Episode #150: The Tools To Reawaken Your Authentic Self

I just loved my conversation with Dr. Tamy Faireman. Dr. Tamy, a former plastic and reconstructive surgeon for over 25 years now refers to herself as a SOUL surgeon, which could not be more fitting for the work she has become so passionate about. We had an amazing discussion about mindfulness and what that means […]

Episode #118: How (And Where) Are You Living Your Life?

I always love talking to Shari Coltune as we see life from two sides of the same coin! We talked this week about the day-to-day we live our lives, and why that might not be moving us toward our goals.  We considered ways we sabotage ourselves as we try to make positive changes in our […]

Episode #113: What Exactly Is Functional Nutrition?

What do we do exactly? It’s a question we often get asked! Are you experiencing pain and frustration and not getting any answers? Do you feel as though you are being let down by the medical system?  Are you being given pills and medication just to manage a symptom?  If you said yes to any […]

Episode #111: Inflame-aging: Why We Don’t Need To Decline As We Age

I talked with Ayurvedic Doctor Shivani Gupta about her integrative approach to health, well-being, and most importantly an area she is passionate about, controlling inflammation. If you aren’t sure what Ayurvedic medicine is, Shivani explains this time-honored holistic approach to healing, and how it saved her life. Dr. Shivani Gupta and I had a fantastic […]

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