Episode #155: The Secret To Setting Boundaries

Yes, she is back!  That is right, I am referring to our amazing life coach, Shari Coltune.  There is so much to explore when it comes to self-reflection, self-care and working through our own subconscious beliefs, and stories, so I felt it was only appropriate to bring Shari back to talk about boundaries. This is […]

Episode #154: Small Changes, Big Difference – Rebel Rewind

This is a rewind of an episode I recorded about a year ago with my coaches, to talk about what we see in the health and wellness industry.  Choosing small things to change at a time is still what we are about here, so this is as relevant as it was when we first recorded […]

Episode #148: From Cancer Diagnosis To Career Pivot: My Story

It’s been a while since I have introduced myself, told my story, and shared a little bit about the work I do and why I am so passionate about it! I have always said that I am my own N of 1.  What that means is that I have been my own best experiment through […]

Episode #132: Demystifying DNA Testing

I got to sit down with Amanda and Sonia who work with me at the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness to talk about demystifying the DNA testing we do. There is so much value in knowing your specific DNA blueprint, but there is also a great deal of confusion surrounding these tests. Our goal […]

Episode #131: Rebel Rewind: A Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and so I wanted to replay this important episode with Dr. Alejandra Perez that we released in January 2022. Dr. Perez has been working in the field for more than 20 years and is now director of the Breast Cancer Program at Sylvester-Plantation for the University of Miami Health System. […]

Episode #130: Male Menopause: Fact or Fiction?

I figured it was about time that we give the guys fair air time, since we have spent the last few weeks talking about the ladies. Today my conversation with Dr. Paul Goodkin was all about you men out there.  Our conversation covered a variety of topics, and I am sure there is something here […]

Episode #129: Cancer: How To Focus On Your Health, Not Just The Disease

Let’s face it, cancer is a scary word.  When I was told I had cancer, my life turned upside down in a nanosecond.  So it’s safe to say that ever since then, I have made it my life’s work to help others be as proactive about their health and wellness so that they never hear […]

Episode #117: Detox, Genetics, And Cancer: How They’re All Connected

I know we all can agree that the “C” word is a scary one.  Of course, I am talking about cancer.  No one should ever have to be diagnosed with this dreaded disease and after having experienced this firsthand, it’s not something we are ever prepared for.  This is why I do the work that […]

Episode #100: A Coach’s View Of The Health And Wellness Industry

Welcome to episode 100! In this episode I have a round table with my coaches, to talk about what we see in the health and wellness industry. This week we talk about the trends we have noticed in our industry and with the clients who come through our doors. The coaches and I talk about: […]

Episode #99: Where’s The Beef: Picking The Right Nutritional Plan

In the second part of my interview with  Dr. Connealy, Medical Director of Cancer Center for Healing and Center for New Medicine, we talked about infections and why almost all disease stem from them. We also talked about her passion, which is hormonal issues, and discussed why hormones are one of the most powerful things […]

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