Episode #127: How To Manage Long Covid: Part 2

I loved digging into the topic of long covid with Dr. Tau Braun last week. If you haven’t listened yet, go check that out first. In this second part of our conversation, we cover the potential allergic reactions caused by the spike protein, how our genetic makeup influences how we react and absorb nutrients, and […]

Episode #126: How To Manage Long Covid: Part 1

My conversations with Dr. Tau Braun are always so fascinating and full of groundbreaking information. This interview was no different. If you have had COVID or maybe you’re not feeling quite up to par after you’ve been vaccinated, it’s possible that you are dealing with Long Covid symptoms. If you have strange symptoms that seem […]

Episode #41: A Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention

Listen to the episode: oday I had a candid conversation with breast oncologist Dr. Alejandra Perez. Dr. Perez has been working in the field for more than 20 years and is now director of the Breast Cancer Program at Sylvester-Plantation for the University of Miami Health System Covering topics such as early detection and prevention, […]

Episode #40: Debunking the Hottest Diet Trends

Listen to the episode: Our first of 2022 is all about diets – and why we shouldn’t listen to all the recent New-Year’s Resolution fad-dieting advice being thrown around Instagram and TikTok right now! If you are confused about food and health, but are also eager to get started on those New Year’s Resolutions (and […]

Episode #36: Strategies To Support Our Emotional And Physical Wellbeing

Listen to the episode: Talk about a proud mama moment! Today I interviewed my amazing son, Jason. I was so thrilled to have such an open, honest, and inspiring dialogue with him. He shares what life was like behind the scenes growing up with the Rebel Nutritionist- AKA- mom, and the habits and moments that […]

Episode #34: Becoming Your You-est You: The Path To Authenticity And Emotional Healing

Listen to the episode: Today I interviewed Julie Reisler, master life coach, speaker, entrepreneur, author, and a woman with intuitive superpowers! We could have talked for hours! Our conversation was beyond inspirational and motivating. Julie shares her story and more importantly, she provides great insight into the benefits of coaching and learning how to live […]

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